IN A WORLD... Where favorite flicks from our childhood can develop the armor of nostalgia, three brothers will journey into the known and rediscover the long lost classics of Blockbusters' past. Join 'THE GOOD GUYS' as they derail movie reviews in absolutely glorious displays of reckless rambling. We watch the movies of yesterday... today, so tomorrow you may want to. Who are 'THE GOOD GUYS'? They are knights, SIRED BY KNIGHTS. Knights who can trace their lineage back to Charlie's Steakery. I first met them atop a mountain where they had spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper... They survived the Deep Impact of Armageddon and stared into Dante's Peak and versus'd the Volcano. They are all that stands between The Rock and A Quiet Place. They are the seekers of the Firefly class Serenity, protectors of the Alien quadrilogy. You want them at that mall... YOU NEED THEM AT THAT MALL!!! When you want to know if that movie from your youth still holds up? You need a FEW GOOD... GUYS.